What makes us so Intuitiv?

Intuitiv Designs was created with the belief that life’s greatest discoveries were made through sparking people’s curiosities. We use the same method when communicating information to your customers, breaking it down to its simplest form, and using it to strike the interest of your target audience.

You tell us all the reasons why you do what you do, and we bring it all together in one, unified package. Let’s get started on sparking your customer’s curiosity today.


What does Intuitiv Designs do?
Intuitiv Designs creates branding packages for your start-up or small business. Basically, we take your vision and create the image your business needs to attract “your people.” We also offer WordPress website development for businesses that already have their image solidified, and need to bring it to the online world.
How can I contact Intuitiv Designs?

Lots of ways!

You can call us on the phone: 203-903-4332

Email us: discover@intuitivdesigns.com

Use our contact form.

We also answer all messages on our social media sites:  

Where is Intuitiv Designs located?
Intuitiv Designs is an online company, but we are originally from West Palm Beach, FL.
Does Intuitiv Designs create websites?
Kind of. Intuitiv has vast experience working in the WordPress platform, and offers development skills tailored to theme customization. We can install WordPress, your theme and functionality of choice, and customize the design to your brand.
How much does Intuitiv Designs charge?

All design work is timed through time tracking software, and billed hourly. Our hourly rate is $40, and we also offer a military discount. Some projects are better served being quoted at a flat fee, instead of hourly. Call us today for your free consultation, and find out which route is best for you.