Your IoT I.Q.

Your IoT I.Q.

How many of you know what IoT stands for? If your answer was a blank stare, then thank you. I have found my people. Really, though, it is kind of in my job description to know the answer to that question, so I did what any curious millennial would do. I googled it. My...

Are design ethics a thing?

Have you ever been surfing through the endless pages of the internet and randomly found a pretty spot-on article that you couldn’t stop reading? You are not alone! I did the same thing last night when I came across this article about design ethics from Design...

Creepers gonna creep.

Charles Kaiton is a fake. He belongs to a company that filters through any online ad posted for services offered, and tries to get people to illegally move large amounts of money out of the country. The concept might not be new, but targeting web designers was new to me, so I am spreading the word.