2018 is here and the new year’s resolutions have begun! Resolutions can seem like bad luck, with so many people starting them, and never seeing them through to fruition. (Anyone want to go to the gym with us? We’re so pumped!)

However, plenty of new year’s resolutions are actually accomplished, and not only by moms with blogs. This year, Intuitiv has decided to set and keep 3 resolutions tailored to the act of discovery. The first is to learn new skills by maintaining our focus, and the 20 hours rule will help us do just that. Don’t worry if you have no idea what the 20 hours rule is, because we didn’t either, until about a week ago. Feel free to watch the insightful and entertaining TED Talk by Josh Kaufman here, or scroll to the bottom of this post.

The main point of the Talk is that too many people feel they don’t have enough time in the day/year/lifetime to accomplish everything they want to do, which includes learning a new skill. Growth is such an important part of life and business, and Intuitiv wants everyone to keep learning and shaping their futures to be better than the year before. Here is the best way to learn new skills quickly, and be great at them:

  • Deconstruct the skill – break it down into exactly what it is you’re trying to learn.
  • Learn enough to self-correct – learn just enough that you can realize your mistakes and correct them.
  • Remove practice barriers aka distractions – tv, cell phone, cat videos, etc.
  • Practice at least 20 hours – about 45 min/day, for 30 days (a month)

Most people looking at these steps would say removing distractions will be the most difficult task. We agree. But with enough focus and discipline, it can be done! Opening a 45 minute window in your daily schedule isn’t impossible. You can practice over coffee in the morning, during lunch time, or after brushing and flossing. Depending on what the skill is, we could even practice while walking the dog!

So, one of Intuitiv’s goals in 2018 is to focus more on creative outlets that will add to our current list of design services. For example, taking time everyday to sketch and draw for our comic “Derp Diaries,” starring Simba Derp. (Coming soon!) Writing more of anything, but especially more blogs. And really digging deep into the company identity for a possible rebrand. Making these changes won’t be a walk in the park, but that walk’s not a bad place to start! It really boils down to how badly you want something, and what it’s worth to you. For Intuitiv, self-improvement and building success is worth 45 minutes a day, and 20 hours a month.

Take the challenge, and discover your potential!