Most of our new or prospective clients come to Intuitiv asking the same question: “So, what is your design process”

We are happy you asked! Intuitiv’s main goal is to keep the entire design process as simple as possible. Basically, we work hard on weeding out the unnecessary details, so you can get straight to the point. The steps to our design dance go a little something like this:

  1. Branding/Logo/Website Questionnaire
  2. Work Proposal & Contract
  3. Brainstorm Session (aka consultation)
  4. Proof Party
  5. Payment

Branding Questionnaire

When it comes to great design, information is key. We want to know your story and hear why you do what you do. Intuitiv feels that the beginning step to any dream is having a passion for it. So, tell us, what’s your passion? Let’s use that to build your dream!

Work Proposal & Contract

Think of the work proposal as a written consultation. We love when clients come to us with what they want, but also feel it is our duty to show them what they need. The work proposal will layout all the requested items, as well as any other items we feel you will need to fabricate your idea. Included in the work proposal are project items, timelines for each item, and prices for each item (if applicable). After the work proposal is crafted, then we move on to the standard design/development contract, where we promise to do what we say and be good people. Basically.

Brainstorm Session

Usually, we are able to skip this part, and get to work sketching out the logo or website wireframe. However, if there is still any confusion on exactly what the client needs, then Intuitiv offers a free, 15 minute consultation call. We would rather be slightly annoying with our communication, than charge you extra due to lack of information.

Proof Party

The highly anticipated design proof is then sent out for feedback and/or approval. Our logo designs come with two rounds of revisions included, and the websites come with one round of revisions included. So, we have 2-3 shots to get your vision perfect, before the timer is started.


The necessary, but least favorite step to talk about is payment. For the majority of our projects, we require a 50/50 payment system. Pay 50% of the project total upfront, and 50% before your files are released to you. Like we said, we like things simple.

That’s all, folks!

The design process all laid out for your viewing pleasure. This post will also be here for you to refer back to at anytime during your partnership with us. Our top priority is to maintain a simple and honest business philosophy, while helping you discover and attain your brand vision.