How many of you know what IoT stands for? If your answer was a blank stare, then thank you. I have found my people.

Really, though, it is kind of in my job description to know the answer to that question, so I did what any curious millennial would do. I googled it. My findings showed that I am not only way behind on my tech lingo, but I am also missing out on an awesome trend. According to one of my favorite articles I found on the subject, IoT stands for the Internet of Things. Now, that also left me with a blank stare, so I dove in further. The Internet of Things is the idea of taking everyday devices and connecting them to the internet via smart sensors capable of sensing and sharing information. Since I am a believer that sharing is caring, and that our society needs to come to terms with technology being the future, I have found a quiz that will test your IoT I.Q.

Go here to take the quiz:

Post your results in the comments, and let’s see who is on top of their tech game!