Hola! The New Year is officially upon us, and I am always excited to think about all the opportunity that lies ahead in the coming months. So, when I was recently offered a graphic design contracting position with Vibrant Branding out of California, I¬†was more than happy to accept! Vibrant Branding offers an extensive package of services, including logo design, business card design, website design, and more. The company’s focus is custom business branding, while keeping in mind that first impressions are everything.

I have been given permission to share the designs I create for the contracted clients, which I plan on taking full advantage of. Just a few days ago, I came up with a few designs for a realtor on the west coast of Florida, and wanted to share an update on the blog. The idea is to post new updates as these designs/projects progress, and get some feedback from anyone who cares to share their opinion! Progress and growth is my main goal! So, feel free to leave a comment and start a discussion. I look forward to it!

Realty logo concepts: